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Welcome to!  Our dedicated team has compiled a list of U.S. hotels that display a no-pet policy on their sites.  Click the map icon above to list pet-free hotels in your destination state.

The entries for each state are sorted alphabetically by the hotel’s location.  (You will want to check nearby locations too.)  Click the hotel’s Location link to pinpoint it on a map (this opens a new window/tab) or click the hotel’s Property link to view its pet policy page (also a new window/tab).

Our About page provides more info about this site.  See our Suggest page if you would like to add a hotel to our list or make a comment.  Finally, please read our Terms (updated August 11, 2022) before you search.  Good luck!

Remember: a no-pet policy does not mean “no animals.”  As the U.S. ADA website explains, “entities that have a ‘no pets’ policy generally must modify the policy to allow service animals into their facilities.”  If you have a special concern about animals, it is always best to contact the hotel directly.

There are now 747 pet-free hotels in our list -- with more on the way!