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Welcome to our hand-curated list of U.S. hotels that publish a no-pet policy.  We don’t play favorites: all the major hotel brands are here, as well as many independents.  Just click the U.S. map icon above to find an advertised pet-free hotel at your destination.  There are now 2557 pet-free hotels on our site, with more on the way!

For best results, read our Guide and review our Terms (updated 09.26.2023) before you search.  And remember, a no-pet policy does not guarantee “no animals.”  The U.S. ADA says, “entities that have a ‘no pets’ policy generally must modify the policy to allow service animals into their facilities.”  If you have a special concern, it is always best to contact the hotel directly.

Good luck with your search — and please suggest your favorite pet-free hotel to add to our list!

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