About PetFreeHotels.com…

My spouse has dog and cat allergies.  She can usually tell right away when the previous occupant of our hotel room had a pet in the room.  The problem is, finding hotels with no-pet policies is not always easy — pet-friendly hotels like to advertise that fact, but pet-free hotels (otherwise known as no-pet hotels or pet-unfriendly hotels) often bury that info in their FAQs or their policies page.  Some hotel chains are worse than others in this regard.

Hotel review sites may let you search for pet-friendly hotels but I have yet to see a check-box for pet-free hotels.  This means that travelers are forced to search one hotel site after another for information about their pet policies.  And as you probably already know, you can’t rely on search engines and hotel guide sites to return accurate pet-free results.  But PetFreeHotels.com has taken the time to read the small print in hotel policies.  Our goal is to make your search easier so that people like my spouse, and you, can find a pet-free hotel in popular U.S. destinations.  We are adding new locations all the time!

We only list hotels (not B&Bs or villa/vacation rentals) that post a property-wide “no pets” policy on their official website.  If we can’t find such a policy on their site, or if the wording is unclear or contradictory, we will not list the property here.

For example, one posh D.C. hotel appeared to be pet-free, based on third-party booking sites.  But nowhere on the hotel’s own website could I find a pet policy statement.  I wrote to the hotel asking where on their site I might find its pet policy.  The manager replied, “Unfortunately we do not allow pets in the hotel,” but he failed to provide a link to the policy.  Without a published policy, it could be up to the manager whether to allow a certain pet.  So that hotel, and those like it, did not make our list.

Hotels that offer “pet-friendly rooms” are also excluded from our list even if they also claim to have pet-free rooms.  The name of this site is PetFreeHotels, not PossiblyPetFreeRooms.

PetFreeHotels.com is a free, ad-supported service offered by Craig H Collins, creator and publisher of the chcollins.com websites.  At this time, we are not compensated for the links on this site — we hope the time we are putting into PetFreeHotels.com will be paid back through ads and sponsored listings. You can support the site by visiting our advertisers.  Thank you.

Which hotel chains have the most pet-free locations?

When compiling our list, it seemed easiest to find pet-free hotels in the Marriott chain (5600+ total U.S. locations including Fairfield, Courtyard and Springhill brands), followed by Choice Hotels (5900+ including Comfort, Quality, Rodeway).  The IHG chain (3800+ including Holiday Inns, Holiday Inn Express and others) has a mix of no-pet and pet-friendly locations.  Best Western (about 2000 U.S. sites) offers a decent number of pet-free properties but this chain is not as common as the others.  I have found the Hiltons (Hampton, DoubleTree) to be hit-and-miss on pet-free offerings. The Wyndhams (Days Inn, Ramada) have a scattering of pet-free hotels but most locations seem to be pet-friendly, as are most of the Hyatts. The independents are often maddeningly silent, at least online, about their pet policies and so relatively few of them appear in our list.