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No site is perfect.  Sometimes links get broken, and sometimes hotels change their policies after we add them to the list.  (It happens.)  You are invited to make a suggestion about the site, notify me of bad links and errors, suggest a pet-free hotel, or leave a pet-policy comment about a hotel on our list, using the form below.  But please, write your hotel reviews elsewhere as this site does not make recommendations.  Thank you.

If you represent a pet-free hotel and would like to advertise or sponsor a listing, please contact info[at]

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  1. BTW: thanks for hosting this website. I too have an allergy to pet dander. I can generally tell if a pet has been in a hotel room within an hour after checking-in; watering red eyes, stuffy sinuses, sometimes headaches. While the overwhelming majority of business travelers do not travel with animals, it seems increasingly difficult to find a pet-free hotel. Many hotels seem to put pets before people. How sad.

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